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UserPro v4.0 User Profiles with Social Login WordPress Plugin


UserPro v4.0

Huh puasa sehari menuju idul adha , gak masalah 😐 . bukan halangan kan untuk menjalani keseharian, apa lagi berhenti sharing gak mungkin lah ya :D . oke kali ini sya mau bagi plugin premium dari codecanyon . sangat cocok nih buat yang suka website dengan user login , member directory , perbincangan antara user yang satu dengan user lain nya , dan admin bisa punya front end sendiri buat para user nya . saya jamin deh ini lah plugin terbaik selama ini yang saya tau. plus social login yang udah ada di dalam fitur nya.

  •    Build your own community of searchable members directory
  •    Give each user a customized, elegant profile
  •    Add front-end, customized registration and login to your website
  • Essentials
  •   Intuitive drag and drop administration panel 
  •   Compatible with all properly coded WP themes and plugins!
  •   Fully responsive and looks perfect on any screen size
  •   5 ready-to-use skins already included ( Elegant, Default , Blue, Dark, Pure 
  •   Unlimited CSS Support – Easily create and apply custom css and styles to the plugin
  •   Includes RTL Stylesheet (right-to-left language supported)
  •   Unlimited Google Fonts Support
  •   350+ FontAwesome Icons for your profile fields and social networks!
  •   Available in 12 Languages- English (US) , Arabic , German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish and Vietnamese 
  •   Translation Ready!
  •   Automatic SEO-Friendly URL for every user 
  • Embed a fully customizable registration form anywhere you want, choose which fields appear during registration, from text inputs to photo and file uploads, easily organize and re-order your fields, help tooltips, field icons, and more. You can control which tabs are collapsed, or collapsible and have full control on the form/fields. See Registration Form Example 
  • Highly interactive front-end login, with ajax error handling, tooltips, and custom redirection support. Allow users with Social Media Accounts to signin/register instantly. See Login Form Example 
  •   Front-end user profiles, login & registration for WordPress
  •   Create unlimited custom profile fields of any type – text,drop-down,radio,checkboxes,multiselect 
  •   Custom Redirection after login / registration 
  •   Create multiple registration forms
  •   Give each registration form an automatic assigned user role (subscriber, customer, manager, etc.) 
  •   Control which fields are required for registering, which fields users can edit, which fields are private, and more! 
  •   Send an invitation to specific users to register
  •   Enforce strong passwords using Password strength meter
  •   Profile and background pictures uploading from registration form
  •   Enable user role selection on registration form
  •   Allow users to delete their own profiles
  •   Set specific fields as private
  •   Display profile pictures in a Lightbox
  •   Receive email notifications(admins ) on profile field updates
  • In addition to standard frontend registration/login system, UserPro enables (optionally) social connect and instant profile sync via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bkontakt, LinkedIn and Instagram! 
  •   Anyone with social account can register/sign in instantly! (auto-sync)
  •   Viral Social Marketing! Auto post to user’s Twitter Timeline (Optional / Custom message)
  •   Enabled auto-posting on Facebook (when a user publishes a new post via FrontEnd publisher or when a user follows someone).

Silahkan download file nya di bawah ini via .

Extract Dahulu File rar .
di dashboard admin pilih add new plugin pilih upload .
Pilih plugin instalable folder lalu upload file zip . done

Penggunaan Markup
  • Untuk memasukan gambar dan youtube link silahkan taruh link gambar dan youtube link tanpa tag <img> dan <iframe>.
  • Untuk menulis huruf bold silahkan gunakan [strong]KONTEN[/strong] atau [b]KONTEN[/b].
  • Untuk menulis huruf italic silahkan gunakan [em]KONTEN[/em] atau [i]KONTEN[/i].
  • Untuk menulis huruf underline silahkan gunakan [u]KONTEN[/u].
  • Untuk menulis huruf strikethrought silahkan gunakan [strike]KONTEN[/strike].
  • Untuk menulis kode HTML silahkan gunakan [code]KONTEN[/code] atau [pre]KONTEN[/pre] atau [pre][code]KONTEN[/code][/pre], dan silahkan parse dulu kodenya pada kotak parser di bawah ini.

Penggunaan Parse Kode Dan Emoticon Tidak Berlaku Di Ponsel.
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